Super 17 Challenge Rules

In an effort to encourage public participation and education, we have created a new contest. Individuals wanting to participate in the Super 17 Challenge need to be over 18 years of age and are required to enter one exhibit in each of the following 17 divisions:

201 Division A: Food Preservation
201 Division B: Baked Goods
201 Division C: Needlework
201 Division D: Quilting
201 Division E: Sewing

202 Division A: Fine Arts
202 Division B: Photography
202 Division C: Adult Arts & Crafts
202 Division F: Fiber Arts

203 Division A: Floral
203 Division B: Vegetables
203 Division C: Fruits
203 Division D: Herbs OR
203 Division E: Honey OR
203 Division F: Grains & Grasses

204 Division A: Homemade Wine
204 Division B: Beer & Hard Cider

205 Division A: Educational Displays

206 Division B: Fair Logo Contest

The Super 17 Challenge is a non-premium event; exhibitors will receive premium points for the exhibits they enter, but there are no extra points for participating in the Challenge. Participants will receive a patch for entering all 17 divisions.

Exhibits must be designated for the Super 17 Challenge on the entry days before judging has occurred. Participants are required to tell the Superintendents which exhibits they are entering for the Challenge so they can be properly recorded. Please note that there are different entry days for different divisions.

The winner of the Super 17 Challenge will be determined by the most blue ribbons awarded in the designated 17 divisions. In the event of a tie, a count of blue ribbons received for the non-designated exhibits (limit of three blue ribbons per division) will be taken. The winner will receive a patch and rosette proclaiming his or her superiority over all the universe - and bragging rights!

For more information, please contact the Fair Office.