Get a sneak peek of some of the artists that will be at the Whidbey Island Fair in 2017

Eva Mae Gabelein Stage


Headliners- Megs Mclean and Marlin James
During the day- What goes up- Paul Isaak, Fairy Magic, The Ryders Band, Danny Ward, Celia Jacobson-Ross


Headliners- Megs Mclean, The Olson Brothers
During the day- Penelope, Fairy Magic, Richard Allen and the Louisiana Experience, Celia Jacobson-Ross, Danny Ward


Headliners- Purple Mane, Hair Nation
During the day- Danny Ward, Shifty Sailors, Weatherside Whiskey Band, Louis the Magician.


Headliners- Marlin James, Danny Vernon- Elvis
During the day- Danny Ward, Louis the Magician, Dakota Neuman, Wally & the Beavs.

Entertainment will be posted here once contract and confirmations have been made. Entertainment Application