Open Class Exhibit Score Cards

Open Class Static Exhibits are judged by the Danish System which means all exhibits are judged by their own merit against a set criteria. They are not compared to other exhibits unless they are under consideration for special awards. All exhibits receive a blue, red or white ribbon unless they are disqualified.

Department 201A Food Preservation

Dried Fruits, Vegetables (.pdf, 77 KB)
Flavored Vinegar (.pdf, 65 KB)
Fruit, Vegetable (.pdf, 73 KB)
Herbs, Spices, Cured Items (.pdf, 77 KB)
Meat, Poultry, Seafood (.pdf, 75 KB)
Mixes (.pdf, 69 KB)
Pickles, Relishes, Chutneys (.pdf, 90 KB)
Salsa (.pdf, 69 KB)
Soft Spreads (.pdf, 85 KB)

Department 201B Baked Goods

Biscuits (.pdf, 68 KB)
Candy (.pdf, 63 KB)
Cookies (.pdf, 16 KB)
Decorated Cakes (.pdf, 54 KB)
Fruit Pies (.pdf, 83 KB)
Muffins (.pdf, 61 KB)
Quick Breads (.pdf, 69 KB)
Shortened Cakes (.pdf, 65 KB)
Sponge, Angel & Yellow Cakes (.pdf, 63 KB)
Yeast Breads & Rolls (.pdf, 280 KB)

Department 201C Needlework

Needlework (.pdf, 60 KB)

Department 201D Quilting

Quilting (.pdf, 64 KB)

Department 201E Sewing

Clothing (.pdf, 70 KB)
Home Decor (.pdf, 65 KB)

Department 202A Fine Arts

Fine Arts (.pdf, 60 KB)

Department 202C Adult Arts, Crafts & Hobbies

Adult Arts, Crafts & Hobbies (.pdf, 63 KB)

Department 201D Junior Arts, Crafts & Hobbies

Junior Arts, Crafts & Hobbies (.pdf, 64 KB)

Department 202F Fiber Arts

Basketry (.pdf, 65 KB)
Braiding (.pdf, 65 KB)
Felting (.pdf, 69 KB)
Fulling (.pdf, 67 KB)
Handspun Articles (.pdf, 71 KB)
Handspun Yarn (.pdf, 78 KB)
Handwovens Made From Commercial Yarns (.pdf, 70 KB)
Surface Design (.pdf, 68 KB)

Department 203B Vegetables

Compost (.pdf, 60 KB)
Vegetables (.pdf, 57 KB)

Department 203C Fruit

Fruit (.pdf, 56 KB)

Department 204A Homemade Wine

Homemade Wine (.pdf, 66 KB)

Department 204B Homemade Beer, Cider & Other

Homemade Beer, Cider & Other (.pdf, 67 KB)

Department 205A Educational Displays

Educational Displays (.pdf, 69 KB)

Department 206A Fair Logo Design

Fair Logo Design (.pdf, 71 KB)