Campground Information

PLEASE NOTE:  During the month of August, the campground is closed to all but fair participants.

If you want to camp at the Island County Fair grounds, besides July, please see Facilities Rental Information Here.

Whidbey Island Fair Campgrounds Rules and Regulations

Application deadline: July 1



Do yourselves and your animals a favor and leave them at home

4-H LEADERS: Please submit ONE Club check for all members camping

Fairtime Campground Application & Rules

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Camping spaces are available on a first-come basis, with priority given to animal exhibitors, 4-H leaders, superintendents, concessionaires and fair personnel.

Camping sites are $50 with hookups (power and water) or $30 without hookups. Tent spaces do not have power and water hook-ups. The majority of power poles have 15 amps. Power is not guaranteed to any site; units requiring 50 amps are not allowed. Air conditioners may not be used. If power cannot be accessed and it has been paid for, the only recourse that will be made is a $20 refund. Camping fees are for up to five nights of occupation, Tuesday through Saturday nights. Campers may stay prior to the fair and take their rigs home later by arrangement through the Fair office.

Units may not exceed 30 feet in length; NO TIPOUTS. This rule will be strictly enforced and units will be measured, so do yourself a favor and measure it at home before bringing it to the fairgrounds. Camping units will be placed at the discretion of the campground superintendent. If space allows after placement of all size-appropriate rigs, oversize units or those with tipouts will be accommodated. The fee for such units is $100.

Be courteous in this tight space; there is no room for space hogs just because you got there first. ENCAMPMENTS that impede the ability of neighboring units to enter and exit their trailers are not allowed, and this rule will be strictly enforced.

  1. A designated adult is responsible for all persons staying in their assigned space. 4-H’ers and children are not allowed to remain overnight unsupervised by a parent/guardian.

  2. A placard MUST be placed in the window of the campers' truck, RV or other rig with: NAME, CLUB NAME and SPACE NUMBER so you can be located if there's a problem.

  3. Campers must bring their own electrical adapters, extension cords, hoses and hose splitters.

  4. NO GREY WATER MAY BE DUMPED ON THE GROUND, either from holding tanks into dug holes or from containers onto the ground. This is by order of the Island County Health Depart-ment, and violation of this rule will result in the camper's immediate removal from the grounds.

  5. All camping units must be in place before 6 p.m. Tuesday. No automobiles, trucks, or other vehicles are allowed in the camping area after they have been unloaded. Any vehicle in the campgrounds during the fair, not parked in an assigned camp space and used for sleeping, will be towed at the owner's expense.  This rule will be enforced starting on Tuesday. No attempt will be made to find the owner. After 7 p.m. Wednesday, only vehicles with authorization posted in the window will be allowed to remain.

  6. Camping units will be allowed to leave the campgrounds ONLY AFTER THE ANIMALS HAVE EXITED ON SUNDAY EVENING. It is both difficult and unsafe to have children running around and camping units trying to exit at the same time as trucks and trailers are hauling animals.

  7. Quiet hours are 10 p.m. to 7 a.m. Early risers are asked to be as quiet as possible.

  8. Each sleeping accommodation must have a usable fire extinguisher, and campers must know how to use it.

  9. NO ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES are allowed in the campground area.

  10. Ice is generally available; ask the campground superintendent for details.

  11. ONLY 4-H animals that have been vet checked are allowed to stay in the campgrounds; please make other arrangements for family pets. 4-H animals must be on a leash at all times.  Violation of these rules is just cause for the camper’s removal from the grounds by fair management.

If you have any questions, contact the fair office at 360. 221-4677.